"Sri Gnanalankara"

International Bhikku Education Centre

This Institution provides the young aspirants with complete knowledge; guidance and practice to become ordained under the spiritual leadership of the chief priest Ven. Wattegama Dhammawasa Thero. Presently, this school accommodates over 123 students from home and abroad. Monks from various parts of Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and America are currently undergoing training at this institute. They follow courses on meditation (theory and practice) English, Pali, Sanskrit and Sinhala languages. In addition tailor-made leadership programmes consisting several training sessions are conducted continually, throughout the year. About 150 handpicked student Bhikkus from several monasteries in the central province benefit immensely from this initiative.


- To train and guide the moral development of Buddhist monks in the Theravada tradition.
- To promote studies and research in to the religious, philosophical and cultural aspects of Buddhism in accordance with the monastic tradition of Sri Lanka.
- To advance and disseminate knowledge regarding Theravada Buddhism in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Ven. Madadeniye Punnarathana Thero
(The Principal)

Ven. Deraniyagala Dammawijaya Thero
(The Vice Principal)